New information from the Kaiser Family Foundation and the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services on family planning services covered under Medicaid has been added and is available for 2009 for all states. The number of states that cover over-the-counter emergency contraception is 26; sterilization (36 +DC); Infertility testing (4); Infertility treatment (0); STD Testing  (11) and Treatment (9); HPV Vaccine for ages 21-26 (29). The report also contains information about family planning eligibility service waivers for each state. The map below demonstrates the emergency contraception coverage.

Coverage for Emergency Contraception

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I would like to see STD testing become more widespread and fully covered. It's strange to me that the government is willing to foot the bill when people develop AIDS, but lacks the initiative to promote preventative treatment and screening. It would save taxpayers so much money and promote the health of society if we invested more into prevention.

I really wish that Medicaid would be more friendly for STD testing. There are many individuals that need to save money yet still be tested for STD's. Perhaps if it could be more friendly to generic drugs there would be more money for STD testing and to help stop the spread of STD's. Editor's NOTE: Family Planning Clinics also Provide STD testing and they generally help with costs.

We have had over the counter emergency contraception here in the uk for a number of years now. It is known as the morning after pill. Im pretty sure it causes irresponsibility and sexual promiscuity, as the mindset here is " oh well i can sort it out with a pill the next day"

The sexual health services in the uk are now expanding rapidly and anyone can attend a clinic anonymously for full screening of all std's and hiv, over the counter emergency contraception is available and i think necessary, i do find it hard to agree that 14 year old girls should be able to get the contraceptive pill without parental consent..