As new policy issues arise, the WHRI develops white papers, articles, and opinion pieces that are listed below.

WHRI White Papers

Position Paper:  Women’s Health Research Institute on Sex Equity in Research and Care, October 2014.

Opinion Piece:  Pregnant Women Must Be Studied Too  (also published in Huffington Post and

Improving the Nation's Reproductive Health:  Updating the guidelines for Reproductive Toscicity Risk Assessment

Published Policy Articles by WHRI members

Klein, Schiebeinger, Stefanik, Cahill, Danska, deVries, Kibbe MK, McCarthy, Mogil, Woodruff TW, Zucker. Opinion:   Sex inclusion in basic research drives discovery.  PNAS   April 2015.

Yoon YY, Mansukhani NA, Stubbs VC, Helenowski IB, Woodruff TK, Kibbe MR.  Sex bias exists in basic science and translational surgical research. Surgery.  July 9, 2014.

Wisner, K , Berghella V, Nolan M.  OP-ED  Pregnant Women Must be Studied Too  Published in Huffington Post and

Woodruff TK, Kibbe MR, Paller AS, Turek FW, Woolley CS 2014. 'Leaning in' to Support Sex Differences in Basic Science and Clinical Research. Endocrinology, February 7, 2014. 

Woodruff TK  2014.  Sex, equity, and Science.  PNAS. April 8, 2014.

Kim AM, Tingen CM, Woodruff TK. 2010. Sex bias in trials and treatment must end. Nature 465(7299):688-9.

Tingen CM, Kim AM, Wu PH, Woodruff TK. 2010. Sex and sensitivity: the continued need for sex-based biomedical research and implementation. Womens Health (Lond Engl). 6(4):511-6.

Tingen C, Rodriguez S, Campo-Engelstein L, Woodruff TK. 2010. Research funding. Politics and parthenotes. Science 330(6003):453.

Woodruff TK. 2008.  Making eggs: is it now or later? Nat Med 14(11):1190-1.

Woodruff TK. 2010. Setting the course: leadership at the NICHD. Biol Reprod. Jul; 83(1):163-4. Epub 2010 May 26.