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The Science and Sex and Gender in Human Health Online Course Site

The Basic Science and the Biological Basis for Sex- and Gender- Related Differences course is a six -lesson course designed to give the student a basic scientific understanding of the major physiological differences between the sexes, the influence these differences have on illness and health outcomes, and the implications for policy, medical research, and health care.  The course was peer-reviewed during its development and will be revised in response to ongoing evaluation by students and experts.  The content is updated to keep pace with the changes in the body of knowledge.  See below for Course #2.

The Second Module of this course has been released in June 2011, entitled Sex and Gender Differences in Health and Behavior.   The topics included in this module are:

  • Clinical Research Methodology
  • Endocrine Effects on Immunity
  • Drug Therapeutics during Pregnancy
  • Understanding the importance of Sex and Gender in Mental Health
  • Autoimmunity, Autoimmune Disease, and Sex Bias
  • Sex and Gender Differences in Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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