Many people are unfamiliar with reproductive science terminology. This lack of knowledge creates barriers to discussions about reproductive biology and health and makes healthcare decision-making difficult. To address this need, the Center for Reproductive Research (CRR) at Northwestern University, in conjunction with the Women's Health Research Institute, created Repropedia, a website that is curated by members of the global reproductive science community and serves as an authoritative source of definitions for reproductive health terms. Many of the words contain links to images and video clips featuring contributors expanding upon a definition.  There is also an “Ask an Expert” link, which allows users to submit a question or solicit additional information.Importantly, this site provides pop-up definition boxes that can be used to directly interact with any other website. This technology ensures that the readers get the information in context and do not have to leave their website of interest.  See an example of this technology by visiting the Women's Health Research Institute blog

The aim is that Repropedia will evolve and grow, ensuring that lay-friendly definitions can be developed for teaching students and used by the public. We appreciate any and all feedback and invite members of the reproductive science and health community to share their expertise and contribute additional terms, images, or video clips to this important resource.  Please visit the website at or contact the WHRI at for additional details.






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