Factoids on headaches!
Headaches account for more than 3 million emergency department visits annually in the U.S., and of those, about 81,000 result in hospital stays.

In 2008, the highest rate of emergency department visits for headaches involved people ages 18 to 44. Migraines accounted for 63 percent of all headache-related hospital stays and women were nearly five times more likely than men to be admitted to the hospital for migraines.  At least, ER doctors aren't telling these women "it's all in your head" like they sometimes do for chest pain! (Click HERE to see our blog on this!)    And, while emergency visits for headaches were higher among rural and low income residents, there was little difference in hospitalization rates by location and income.


Source:   U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality



I don't think that people realize how serious headache and migraine pain can be. The stats you shared on annual hospital visits backs this up. The numbers are pretty amazing. Thank you for sharing.

this is something that happens to many people, such as a child I suffered a lot of migraine, and friends and acquaintances also suffered from it, is very common to find people with this problem

know what??? i would love to find the ultimate cure for migraine! EDITOR's NOTE: I'm sure that there are many who would agree with you.

this is a great truth, is actually very hard for many people. I want to know more about this issue and I'm starting my studies .. thanks