U.S. Female college graduates have a median starting salary offer 17% lower than male college graduates according to a new National Association of Colleges and Employers. The report found that females with new bachelor degrees were offered an average of $36,451 compared to $44,159 for their male counterparts.  Even when salary is adjusted by college major (14 were included), men come out ahead in all except two areas:  engineering and liberal arts/humanities.    Report author Edwin Koc noted that while gender pay disparities are often linked to women more frequently leaving the work force, he did not feel that was the cause in this study.

Just when you begin to believe work discrimination is over when it come to sex and gender, another report comes out that questions the progress women have made when it comes to pay equity.  When the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) to the U.S. Constitution failed to pass in the mid-70s many felt that progress was still being made in areas like sex harrassment, access to formerly male dominant fields, etc. and took their placards home.  Now, with the economy on the downturn, perhaps it is time to lift up those placards again and fight against fiscal discrimination for women!



With global unemployment at a record high for it’s third year running since the start of the economic crisis, international studies are suggesting a weak recovery for employment is likely to continue in 2011, especially in developed economies & may be leaving many people wandering how this will effect there employment & financial future.

it's a sad situation in this country that Women still don't get afforded the exact same rights as men. These women are obviously just as qualified as their male counterparts, but we just can't get past that fact in the workplace! I guess we are lucky that in America women are supposed to be treated equally whereas other countries make no secret about the lack of respect for women.

I like the article, and I am sure it will help those who wonder that after some time they are not loosing any more pounds, although they are doing the same thing as the weeks before. What helped me to loose weight rapidly, but healthy, was switching from a vegetarian diet to a vegan diet... leaving away all the dairy products, that helped a lot. I agree with the posts that say: "if you are doing things right you shouldn’t be losing lean muscle mass. Your body will only burn muscle mass if you’re not using it and/or you’re in an extreme calorie deficit." So increase your strength training and/or cardio training. Don't overdue it though. It is better to loose weight slowly then to fast. Just be sure you are loosing weight. Regarding eating vegan.... If you can't do it a 100%, don't worry, the main thing is that you try to come as close to it as possible... No stress, again: take your time, step by step.

Your mention of gender appropriate jobs caught my eye. I have been a major airline pilot for over 35 years and have seen the tide change dramatically during that time span. Very few females were pilots in the early days, but now it is commonplace to be flying with one. Many pilots were resistant to the idea of having a female in the right seat or left seat of a passenger jet. Initially, stereotypes and prejudices made the introduction of women into the profession very difficult, especially since for many years the piloting profession was a “boy’s club”. On the other side of the coin, I have seen the introduction of many men into the flight attendant ranks, which for many years was considered a woman’s profession. So, even in the aviation community we are now seeing the “new normal” with respect to gender roles and associated professions.