Are there any differences in long-term effects that have been identified between boys and girls? Are results the same for adults?

Interesting study because it shows that a single set of symptoms won't identify potential concussions for both girls and boys. Very valuable for coaches and trainers.

I am also interested to know if the symptoms are the same for adults and if these concussions can show up in other conditions such as headaches many years later in adulthood.

This is an interesting study. When I stumbled upon this, I talked to one of my friends who ended up getting a concussion a couple of months ago. I asked her about the symptoms, and she actually mentioned getting drowsy and being more sensitive to noise. I compared that to when I (being a male) had a concussion (several years ago, so my memory is a bit hazy), and I did not really experience those same symptoms, but I do distinctly remember disorientation. Like Cacel, I do wish there was more about the long-term effects as well.

This was reported on in the UK as well (I am from London).