We've all heard lots of reports about the flu and flu vaccine but are you game to check your knowledge?   Click HERE to learn what you really know about the flu!

No doubt about it.   The flu season is here---especially in the Northern Hemisphere.   With global travel, all you readers in the warmer climates could easily be at risk as snow birds head to your fair lands.    The general consensus among health professionals and public health agencies is to get a flu shot....every year.  If you have a chronic condition it's even more important.  December 5-11, 2010 is National Influenza Vaccination Week and there will be a lot of agencies offering flu vaccinations in your community. Please take advantage of the opportunity.

If you want to learn more about the risks, symptoms, and treatment of the flu, click HERE for guidelines from the Center for Disease Control (CDC).



I think Flu vaccines are unnecessary. Not enough research has gone into any of its side effects. From a personal point of view I believe we need to reduce the amount of medications we take. Only take medications if really necessary. For many of us our immune systems should be strong enough to combat a number of virus's. Getting vaccines to do the job reduces our bodies natural ability to fight these virus's. Its like being a bit hard of hearing. Buy an earpiece and suddenly after a while you find you cannot hear at all without it.. Eye drops is another case in point Our bodies and brains react in that manner. If something performs that function for us , it will stop performing that function. <a>Mind Power</a>

The CDC link is definitely full of great information about flu season! Thanks for the link to it... We are in NC and in the heating industry (obviously) people often forget that during the cooler months when the windows are always closed, you really need to keep your furnace filters fresh or you do nothing but recirculate germs throughout the home. Thanks again! Mark

I already had my flu vaccine free, hoping everyone could also get their vaccine and take advantage of the opportunity to get them for free. Its better to protected. Thanks for sharing this, very helpful, Patricia.

Fun post, the test is a great presentation of the misconceptions about the flue.

If you have a chronic condition which is an autoimmune disorder please let your doctor know before get a flu shot.

The flu can be tricky , always look for the warning signs this article suggested, great article...

Your information on the flu is great. We have a lot of clients who have Compromised Immune Systems that are always aware of flu symptoms. We are in S. Florida where there is a lot of Air Conditioning. People never air out their homes and like clockwork every summer there is a flu that shows up here. Thanks for the information.

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