Posted by on June 24, 2013 - 2:58pm


The connection between what we eat and mortality rates come as no surprise, but does changing our diet really give us a better chance of survival? According to a study by JAMA International Medicine, there is a correlation between a vegetarian diet and a longer life. However, the study also showed a difference between men and women (25-older). The study took place  in the US and Canada over a period of 6 years where the diets of 73,000 participants were observed. This community had even amounts of vegetarians and non-vegetarians. After the span of the 6 years there were a total of 2,570 deaths and the results then provided that participants with a vegetarian diet were 12% less likely to die. The study went in further to this particular statistic and found that the mortality rate was still higher for women despite the fact that they were vegetarian.

This is not to say that a vegetarian diet does not impact or influence women's health. It is always suggested to maintain a healthy lifestyle no matter what your age or gender may be. Being aware of your diet, communicating with your doctor about your health and staying active still remain for a healthier and longer life.

To read the entire study results, click here.