In July, a commentary in the journal Pediatrics discussed several new studies that have increased our knowledge of the  association between tobacco smoke exposure and childhood morbidity and mortality.  Collectively, these new reports demonstrate that in several categories of chronic childhood illness (asthma, obesity, and mental health disorders) there are small-to-moderate independent associations with tobacco smoke exposure either during pregnancy or in the postnatal period.   A moderate association with tobacco smoke and dental caries (cavities) in children was also reported.   One study found an association between smoke exposure of pregnant women and subsequent childhood overweight in offspring.   What was especially significant about the latter study was the fact that it was conducted in pregnant women who did NOT smoke but were exposed to smoke from the father.  Studies looking at mothers who smoke continue to show an association to their children's mental health status that affects their children's  ability to participate in social activities and make friends.



After all these years, anyone would have known that second hand smoke is harmful especially to children. Smokers who continue to smoke in front of children are just plain selfish and ignorant people.

Even a kiss from smokers can give damage to children. Say no to tobacco!

It is often hard to believe that in this day in age, when we have so much information on the harms of cigarette smoking, we still see so many still doing it. It's very troubling to imagine the mindset of someone who would smoke around any child, let alone just smoking. I understand the addiction, but we must address this issue.

The only thing this misses is the other poor lifestyle choices that smokers adopt, and pass onto their kids. How often are smokers also overweight, lacking exercise, likely to rely on medication to solve problems, etc... so of course second hand smoke is dangerous, but there's also more to it. We need to change our view as a whole, from reactive medicine and health, to ownership of the problem, and proactive prevention (don't smoke, exercise, eat right, etc.)

As an ex-smoker, I can honestly say that there is no worse feeling that hiding out on the porch of your house, with your wife and baby girl inside, lighting up a cigarette. I felt like a failure, ashamed. And what kind of example was I setting when she realizes that my tobacco addiction controls me? If you're a parent out there, and you smoke, get professional help. I did! And it's the greatest thing you can do for your baby. Thank you for this article!

I suffer from Chronic Asthma as direct result of parents that smoked. Some of my earliest memories are sitting in the dining table and the air was so thick with smoke, you could practically cut it with a knife. Then in bed at night gasping for breath. It is particularly weird that no-one ever thought it was dangerous back then.

Its sad to see children suffer the consequences of society's misfits.

I remember there was a study a few years ago that suggested that exposure to second hand smoking is even worse that smoking itself.In other words you would be better off just smoking rather than breathe the air filled with smoke from people smoking around you. What beats me to understand is why even my closest friends think it's OK to smoke in my presence, knowing that I don't smoke. However, what I totally don't understand is how parents can smoke in the presence of their kids. There must be law forbidding parents to smoke with kids around.

As a dentist I was not surprised by the reference to obesity in the children of women exposed to passive smoking during pregnancy. When I first heard this theory proposed I was skeptical but having made a mental note I began to casually ask female patients with obese children about their and their partners smoking habits and there really does seem to be a relationship.

I've bee smoking for quite long time, but I would never smoke somewhere where are kids.

I am not surprised at the effects tobacco smoke would have on a child's dental. A child's teeth are new and very sensitive and i am sure tobacco smoke would definitely have an adverse affect on their teeth and gums..just as it has an adverse effect on everything else.

my aunt and uncle smoke, and have been smoking since my nieces have been born. 10 years plus and now the little ones are having complications and they have yet to develop anything. Its not hard to understand second hand smoke kills.

Of course it does! I've seen the evidence first hand and it's simply amazing that people still smoke around their kids. It's like they completely ignore anything they've ever watched or read. If you "NEED" to smoke, go outside and get away from the kids.

As an asthmatic, I am glad that my parents stopped smoking before I was born, chronic desease are truly a curse. Please parents, quit smoking, at least for your child.

M son has asthma. I quit smoking before my son was born and forbid smoking in my house .I know he would have had more attacks with smoke in the house or car.

I live in Thailand and here you can see kids as young as 9 or 10 smoking. Wish there was more education and less cigarettes supplied.

It's hard to believe we're approaching the year 2012 and people are still smoking! I often blame my parents for smoking while I was a child or even while I was in the womb, accounting for learning difficulties I had to overcome.

As a Periodontist, I see first hand what smoking does to gums and the time they take to heal after a surgery, and it is greatly reduced. In fact, recent studies have shown that tobacco use may be one of the most significant risk factors in the development and progression of periodontal disease to date. Pretty crazy if you think about it. I have several videos and articles on my website about smoking for this very reason.

this blog is really interesting and every line of it is 100% true. Nowadays kids are luring towards drugs, which are very dangerious. We have to take action towards this problem. Thank you and keep posting this kind of motivating blogs. I'll wait for another blog.

as my wife always says, lips that touch cigarette, will never touch mine! Hundreds of thousands of deaths caused by Smoking n i wish ppl realize this sooner or later.

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It's hard to believe, that people are still smoking. Cigarette should be much-much more expensive!

As a kid in the 60's, I grew up around adult smokers. I even remember TV commercials that harped something along the lines of "eight out of ten doctors agree - Winstons are the best cigarette!" Incredible by today's more educated standards. I even remember watching The Andy Griffith Show and seeing Andy smoking in scenes; and commercials with Fred Flintstone extolling the pleasures of a good smoke. My hometown has banned smoking in all public places; which I think might be a bit extreme; I think business owners should be able to decide whether or not to allow it; and be required to post notices accordingly. Interestingly; I studied German for a couple of semesters in college and had a young East German woman as an instructor. She said that if the German government proposed the type of "no smoking in public" measures being enacted in the States; that there would be riots in the streets.

That is so scary for all of us. We should share this post. Thanks for the valuable post.

This website truly has all of the info I needed about this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

Thank you and keep posting this kind of motivating blogs. I’ll wait for another blog. Incredible by today’s more educated standards. I even remember watching The Andy Griffith Show and seeing Andy smoking in scenes; and commercials with Fred Flintstone extolling the pleasures of a good smoke.

I totally agree with the blog post above. Many women who smoke and drink realize what these two things do or could do to their unborn child. However, it seems to me that many fathers don't seem to think the same and continue smoking around their partner when they are pregnant and continue to smoke around their child when it is born. When a doctor talks a woman into giving up smoking for the sake of the unborn child this advice should also be given to the father as well and this advice should be continually reinforced to both parents and perhaps one day the message will get through.

Great article. Smoking while children are present is irresponsible. There are few things you can do that have an even worse effect on your health. Many people even smoke after surgery - this is a great mistake: The recovery time after a surgery (like wisdom teeth extraction)is significantly increased. Unfortunately as long as money is involved, notthing much will change.

This is why people shouldn't smoke at all. It's sad to read that children are the victom of addult behaviour.

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It's 2013. Sorry for the generalization, but if you still smoke, you are very, very mentally deficient!

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Smoking is the arch enemy of teeth and general health. Keep your child away from both active and, as far as possible, passive smoking. You need to educate your kid against smoking from an early age.

I've seen the horrible side effects that second hand smoke has on children firsthand. My neighbor's son, who spends about 50% of his time with my neighbor's ex wife, was subjected to a lot of second hand smoke during infancy and toddler years. He is 5 now, and he has asthma (along with other respiratory difficulties). Smoking around children, especially infants, is incredibly selfish.