The National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention has designated the Friday before Memorial Day as “Don’t Fry Day.”  This year it is May 25.   The goal?  To make sure people stay safe in the sun and protect their skin while enjoying the outdoors—on “Don’t Fry Day” and every day.

Here’s why. Skin cancer is on the rise in the United States; the American Cancer Society estimates that one American dies every hour from skin cancer. In 2012 alone, the American Cancer Society estimates there will be more than 76,250 new cases of malignant melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer.

“Don’t Fry Day” offers simple steps that you and your family can take to prevent sun-related skin cancer, such as:

  • Slip on a shirt
  • Slop on sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher
  • Slap on a wide-brimmed hat.
  • Wrap on sunglasses.

For more information on resources available for "Don’t Fry Day" and skin safety, visit

Learn more about how to protect your skin by clicking HERE.



This campaign is great, creating awareness how deadly sun is especially during noon time, aside from using lotion people may consider bringing umbrella, lotion may hasten the harm but umbrella would do much as what lotion could prevent. Stay safe, love you skin. Use umbrella.

If you cannot cover up, use a sunscreen lotion or spray with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 15. Make sure it has both UVA and UVB protection. Apply liberally to exposed skin 15 to 30 minutes before going out in the sun, and re-apply 15 to 30 minutes after sun exposure begins. You should also re-apply sunscreen after any activity that could make the product come off, like swimming, toweling or excessive sweating and rubbing.

Thanks for sharing this knowledgeable content. I like it so much.

Unfortunately, people do not care about warnings and statistics. If they had listened to the warnings no one would smoke today.

I love ideas like this, but also realize that really they don't do much. Typically it takes personal first hand experience with a thing like skin cancer before you take precaution everyday instead of just one day.

I did not know that the sun can be so dangerous. Now I will always slap on a wide-brimmed hat and wrap on sunglasses.

"Don’t Fry Day" is a great idea to raise the awareness of people toward skin cancer. I was amazed that many people don't even know about this type of risk. They think that their skins only get a little darker or so :(

This kind of event can raise the awareness of people to do some protection against sunlight.