Since we’ll be pretty regular fixtures around here for a while, we’d like to introduce ourselves, as well. We’re both fourth year graduate students, which means (if all goes according to plan) we’ll be “Dr. So and So” some time in the next year or so. We’re currently both involved in that arduous scientific research that Dr. Bristol-Gould outlined in her bio. Alison is working on a project that looks at how certain metals are important in female reproduction, while Candace is studying how oocytes develop and die in pre-pubertal females. Pretty awesome, we know. We also like karaoke, pop music in any language (we’re currently expanding our stock of Hindi and Korean selections!), and Ryan Reynolds, just to show we’re not JUST science nerds! We will typically post every Friday about the newest stories involving women’s health, but we’re open to ideas, so drop us a comment!



First we just want to survive graduate school! I won't speak for Alison, but I really would like to go into science policy when I graduate. To me, the field really involves bringing the technical jargony science that is being drilled into me to the general public and to the non-science leaders in the government. It's amazing how much of the rules regarding the ethics of what is allowed to be performed in the lab, or the financial considerations of who will pay for the science is being done by people who are completely untrained in the sciences. I just think I have a real passion for trying to make science engaging and comprehensible, and I have a big enough mouth to make myself heard. Those are my plans; I'd love to hear from any of you who may work in a related position. Also, if you just want to contact me with a job offer sometime next year, that would also work. :P