The results of a study were recently released that examined the best strategy to wean college-age women who are considered addicted or pathological tanners from tanning salons.   "They're not worried about skin cancer, but they are worried about getting wrinkled and being unattractive," said June Robinson, a professor of dermatology at Northwestern University and senior author of a May 17 paper in Archives of Dermatology. "The fear of looking horrible trumped everything else," said Robinson.

Between 25 to 40 percent of older adolescent girls visit tanning salons, according to the study's authors and they and other scientists link the rapidly rising rates of melanoma and other skin cancers in young women to tanning beds.  The National Cancer Institute reports that melanoma rates among Caucasian women aged 15-39 rose 50% between 1980 and 2004.  The World Health Organization recently reclassified indoor tanning beds to its highest cancer risk category.

The study included 435 college women who visited tanning salons up to four times a week.  The study results surprised the researchers.  Click here for full  press release.

Source:  Marla Paul, Northwestern University Newscenter.



When we are young we think we are invincible and that cancer won't happen to us. But as we grow older it becomes evident that we are susceptible to the dangers of the sun. If letting young people know that the sun causes wrinkles gets them to wear sunscreen then what a great campaign. They can use sunless tanners to get that nice golden beach look without risking their health.

Surely if the biggest concern of these college age women is fear of getting wrinkles, then tanning at tanning salons and even over tanning from the sun will, in the longer term, exacerbate wrinkles rather than diminish their appearance. That's my personal view having personally observed some really beautiful girls agee before their time through over exposure.

When I was younger I also did not worry much about skin cancer, nor did I worry about getting wrinkles but once you are over 30 you start realizing that your skin is the most important part in your body that you should take care of. Maybe we need to do more awareness of all the people who are diagnosed with skin cancer. They should start speaking out in shools to make the young teenagers more aware of these issues.

Wrinkles are indeed bad for appearance. Appearance and looks matters in case of girls. The study seems to be proving and true. Nobody wants to get wrinkles and look ugly.

The skin is one of the most important part of our body since It is the one who protects the internal parts of our body.. DSo, in my own opinion.. If I were to choose, I'll be more worried if I'll get cancer like skin cancer than get worried by wrinkles.

I choose waxing over any other hair removal method. Laser is still to much of a new thing, and most importantly it's not natural.

Technically they do worried what to remove much more on their physical aspect rather than checking up whats beneath them . Some woman are superficial when it comes to their health.

Yeah that is thrue, some girls are only interested in looking good forgetting that their health is also important.