Hopefully this will be the final bit of information that I tell my mother that will finally get her out of the house and to start exercising! People always make exercising more than it has to be; you don't need a gym membership, simply walking around the neighborhood makes for a nice little workout. And the health benefits are enormous. Thanks for the informative article.

@Jenny, couldn't agree more! Kettle bells are an excellent workout for men and women alike. They get your heart pumping AND build muscle at the same time. If you're interested in using kettle bells, just get yourself a 10 or 15 pounder and learn how to do swings. You won't regret it!

This is a really informative article. The best way to keep fit is to have a daily routine and regular exercises that will bring you noticeable benefits and make you feel good as well as combine the right activities, which will bring for you a healthier life.

The benefits of exercise and healthy eating are endless. We need to teach the children early this so they can grow up with this knowledge in the adult years

This is good to know because I know what a difference exercise can make in just a few weeks. However, I did not know about how it can get rid of fat surrounding our organs which is obviously the fat that we want to get rid of first. Great article

Exercise and diet are the key. Thanks so much for this post. This is very useful info in getting rid of belly fat.

Inner abdominal fat is really hard to loose. Try doing kettle bell workouts. It helps with these.

Very informative article. The problems with aging, like you said, is that the average woman gains 1 to 2 pounds per year. That adds up to a lot of additional weight. With consistent effort though one can lose and manage their consistent weight loss and improve their cardiovascular system tremendously.

Getting out from in front of the TV and doing just 20 minutes exercise a day, improves body, mind an spirit

Don't forget about excess estrogen too. Belly fat contributes to this imbalance which can cause a slew of feminine reproductive issues (i.e. fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, etc.) way before the onset of menopause. BElly fat is dangerous throughout one's years.

We talk here about postmenopausal women and exercise, but as mentioned in an earlier comment if we teach our children from the beginning the importance of exercise and healthy eating this will hopefully carry them through to later years. Being fit and strong all through life can only have a positive impact later on in years.

It's amazing how many health and fitness benefits you can get just by doing a bit of moderate intensity exercise on a consistent basis. Great article!

Nice article... Intra abdominal fat is difficult to reduce..it requires diet control + cardio + stomach exercises.. Exercises not only reduces risk of post menopausal women, but also of everyone..really informative article..Thanks

This is great news for those of us in the field of health and fitness and gives us another benefit to the already long list of health benefits associated with exercise. I only wish they would have included high intensity training such as HIIT training into their study. Perhaps the study participants were unable to engage in high intensity training, but I am betting the results would have been even more impressive with high intensity training.

I am in the health/fitness field and see many people start out a routine with the goal of losing weight and after months of focusing on the scale they quit in disappointment. This study is one I will point to to reassure them that their efforts are not in vain. Thanks!

Thanks for a great article. Women`s health starts at an early age, so it is important,as Mike said to educate our young ones about good eating habits and regular exercise, weather it be running or gym.

Now we got some more reason to love exercise. I love this article on how it makes it as valid and factual. Thanks!

Like the previous commenter I wish there was some research done on HIIT in this study. Good article otherwise though, learned alot.

Great posting, I enjoy reading this post. It is very informative. I agree with you and the women have to start exercising.

This is a great article, very informative. To maintain good healthy and fitness, we have to eat right and do regular exercises. It cost little to exercise, because this something you could improvise in your own home/house.

If you want to reduce abdominal fat, you need to start consuming fewer calories than you expend on a daily basis. We all know that eating fast food everyday, or never eating fruits and vegetables is bad for us. The best way to loss excess abdominal fat is train less, but work harder.

I will tell my sister to make her exercise to lessen her weight and to become healthy. Thanks for the post.

Exercising is extremely important for women of all ages. It will reduce your abdominal fat, keep your heart and whole body healthy, it will help you keep an appropriate weight and relax your mind of all your daily problems.

I agree with doing exercise. Lately i'be been doing Pilates and I've never felt better. I recommend it.

Thank you for a wonderful content. Women`s wellness will begin during infancy, so it will be important, since Mike said to train each of our children regarding great ways of eating in addition to routine workouts, whether conditions be managing or even gymnasium.

It's obviously vitally important for women (and men for that matter) to be getting just a little bit of exercise everyday. As you say, it doesn't need to be anything massively exerting, just enough to help ensure that health and fitness levels are maintained at a high standard. The more women who are made aware of this importance the better.

Excellent article. I look forward to interacting with you and reading more of your work.

One of the most amazing things that the human body can do is adapt to almost any situation. When it comes to working out, however, this can be a little bit annoying. When you are doing the same workouts over and over your body is learning to adapt and stop responding to the work you are doing. Lifting the same weights or running the same distances will only benefit you for a while, because soon it won’t be difficult enough for your body to grow or burn calories at the same rate.

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