Women who are obese before they become pregnant may be putting their child at a disadvantage. New research shows that reading and math scores for kids ages 5 to 7 were lower if the mother was obese before she got pregnant. Obesity can alter how a baby receives nutrients and grows inside the womb.

“Fetal period is known as a critical period of brain development, where any disruption in the development during this sensitive period may cause sustained or permanent changes in structures or functions,"  says Rika Tanda at Ohio State University.

Future moms can give their children the best chance at success by maintaining a healthy weight.

The study in the Maternal and Child Health Journal was supported by the National Institutes of Health.



How helpful content to me..!! There is a good info about pregnancy. Women pregnant may be putting their child at a disadvantage by eating food unconsciously. For this reason they should follow some instruction for taking healthy food. Thanks..

I am certain obesity plays a role in many aspects of prenatal development. It's always been the recommendation for women to maintain a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy. Whether you are obese or thin if you eat right and exercise then chances are you'll deliver a healthy child. Some people obesity is genetics, it's their chemical makeup and it's very little they can do about it, but if all things are done in moderation then you exercise and push yourself to the limit then you've done all you could do.