Fatigues to Fabulous to Aid Women Veterans

The Society for Women's Health Research (SWHR) announced today that Tuesday, February 15th during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, SWHR and their partner Grace After Fire, a support network for women veterans, will be launching the Fatigues to Fabulous (F2F) campaign – a national program created to honor the service of women veterans and support their transition home. The campaign is working with the fashion industry to help women make the transition to a civilian wardrobe, raise awareness of the challenges women veterans face upon return, and harness resources to support them.

Just as disease affects women differently than men, so too do military women have unique health concerns that differ from their male counterparts. While accidents and injuries are often an uncontrollable reality for those who serve, what we can control is making sure women are appropriately equipped and protected. For those injuries that cannot be prevented, we must have in place care options that are designed for women. Some studies are already reporting important differences in the incidence, severity, and outcomes among male and female veterans in conditions ranging from PTSD to urological conditions and muscle and joint disorders. Finding the best, evidence-based treatments for women and men can only happen with research.

Please  help to get the word out about the campaign. Visit the F2F Facebook Page and become a fan! And please don’t be shy…share the link with your friends, family and professional associations.




Our military has plenty of woman in but its something i've previously never given thought to. I suppose life in the military, for woman, sees them miles away from fancy frocks and lovely shoes. This is a great cause. Keep up the good work SWHR.

My hat goes off to all women in the military. They deserve the shirt off our backs and truly bring a lot of class to the service...

I dont think this warrants completely seperate wardrobes, however I think we all must be mindful of the transitional period to civilian life for these woman.

Talk to a Veteran 2day. Thank a Warrior. Support our men & women who defend us w such honor & bravery, w no expectation of appreciation.

I guess this is a question more than a comment. During your observations and gathering of information, do you feel like there is an awareness of the differences between male and female soldiers? To the point that these differences warrant modification and implementation of a separate male and female wardrobe in the armed services?

I fully believe female vets and servicewomen in general deserve and earn America's respect and support. USA!

I think this is a great cause, especially to save the gap between men and women in the military and the army to help women to have the respect of society.

As a British Forces Veteran I know only too well how much support is needed when you leave the Services. I served 22 years in the RAF Fire Service. Here in the UK a charity was set up a few years ago called "Help for Heroes" and millions are raised for the men and woman of the British Forces. Best of luck

I agree this comment " I fully believe female vets and servicewomen in general deserve and earn America’s respect and support. USA! "

Women veterans may be just a few but they have a great contribution in their duty.

All our troops need our support. However I do have a great respect for the women serving our county. I will looking for you on facebook to follow what is going on. Thanks for the dedication to our troops.

Interesting article Military veterans typically obtain special treatment in their respective countries due to the sacrifices they produced throughout wars. Distinct countries manage this differently, some openly support veterans by way of government programs and other people ignoring them. Veterans are also subject to illnesses directly related to their military service such as PTSD. War veterans are usually treated with excellent respect and honor for their contribution to the world and country by their particular nationals. Conversely there are usually negative feelings towards the veterans of alien nations held lengthy right after the war is over, for example towards the German Nazi soldiers, but they are no much less veterans of war than those of the winning side. You can find exceptions. Veterans of unpopular conflicts, including the Vietnam War, happen to be discriminated against. Others, including veterans of conflicts such as the Korean War, are frequently forgotten (even though the casualty rate in Korea was greater than that killed inside the Vietnam War) when compared with those who fought within the World Wars. In some countries with powerful anti-military traditions (e.g., Germany following 1945) veterans are neither honored in any unique way by the general public, nor have their dedicated Veterans Day, even though events are often orchestrated by Neo-Nazism and other minority right-wing groups

For those of you who are thankful, you are welcome. Thank you for your support. It, along with the support of our family and friends keeps us going.

This is a great cause. I couldn't agree with you more. There is a great need in the veteran community for better and more cost efficient medical treament.

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