The truth is, finding accurate information about reproductive health is hard! Indeed, as Ruth Miller, retired sexual health educator, describes it, "women don't understand their fertility," and know that they have periods but don't know about what happens between their periods.  For instance, women have a clear, watery discharge before their period--this is called cervical mucus, but few reproductive health books and professionals tend to talk to women about it.

Cervical mucus is discharded a few days before ovulation and helps sperm live longer as it awaits the release of the egg. Put simply, cervical mucus is a natural fertility agent that a woman's body produces to increase her likelihood of achieving a pregnancy. The consistency of the cervical mucus changes after the egg has been released and died or fertilized. Understanding the purpose of cervical mucus helps women understand the biology behind their own fertility and can help them manage their cycles if they want--or don't want--a pregnancy.

If you're curious about your own reproductive health, check out this free, online course "Introduction to Reproduction," developed by Northwestern University professor Teresa Woodruff, PhD.

Source: Huffington Post

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