SEND US YOUR IDEAS!  Being healthy and safe takes commitment, but it doesn't have to be time-consuming, painful, or boring. Most things are simple and take so little time that you'll wonder why you've been avoiding them. Even small steps can mean big rewards in preventing illness and injury.

Find out what you can do in five minutes or less to make a difference to your health and safety. Some things even take less than one minute. Here is a sample of activities you can do to help protect yourself and your family in five minutes or less (SEND US YOUR IDEAS--we'll post the best ones!):

Wash hands (20 seconds)
Buckle up (4 seconds)
Test smoke alarms (10 seconds per alarm)
Eat healthy (2 minutes to make a salad)
Take the stairs (2 minutes to walk two flights)
Make a doctor’s appointment (2 minutes)
Put on a condom (less than a minute)

Remember that maintaining and improving your health is a lifetime journey. So don't get discouraged if you don't "see" those preventive rewards, like the extra pounds you didn't gain, the high blood pressure you didn't get, or the emergency room visit you avoided.



What do you do for your health that takes less than 5 minutes??? -Brush and floss -Self breast exam -Snack on trail mix instead of cookies -Take my daily multivitamin

It takes two minutes to make a salad? Prepare a cup of green tea! (4 minutes) Basic muscle stretch (4 minutes) Leaving your computer every 30 minutes for (3 minutes) Drink more water (20 seconds each time) Take a shower to refresh your mind and your body (4:59 minutes) Cheers

Read labels-- food labels, ingredient labels (on cosmetics, home cleaners etc)-- takes just a few seconds per label. Know what you are putting into your body!!!

Meditate! It doesn't have to be for a whole hour; I frequently use the few moments at a stoplight - open-eyed meditation, of course.

Take 5 deep breaths to get calm and relaxed before eating a meal. Takes you out of the fight or flight response and makes mealtime much more nourishing to body and spirit. EDITOR'S NOTE: You may have something here. I find that when I am busy and sit down to eat, I jump in and eat much too quickly!

I like this article about What do you do for your health That Takes Less than 5 minutes???, Gives good solutions for preventing a disease, I am of those people who never wash their hands and I know it's wrong Thanks for reminding

Make & take your own meals to work. That way you know what you are eating whereas if you have to buy your dinner, you are usually hungry and healthy food is hard to find when you are nipping out for something at work. There is also probably lots of bad temptations.

To be out with family and you set out for a nice peaceful walks or run in the park. I love his article ...Thank you for this!

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