Today, over 250 health professionals attended our monthly forum on the environment and reproductive health and I am certain that no one left the room doubting that the chemicals we are exposed to at home, at work, in our food, and in the air are harmful to reproductive health.   Dr. Tracey Woodruff from the Program on Reproductive Health and the Environment from UC SF was our outstanding speaker.   A summary of her presentation will be posted in a few days on this blog but if you are concerned about the effect of chemicals on you and your family, especially children, she directed us to a brochure her institution produced that is available free on line that is filled with helpful hints.    Click on Toxic Matters to download a free copy and check back in a few days for our summary article.



I think the most powerful part of the Toxic Matters pdf is the advice to buy non-toxic products exclusively. Use the link to the consumer guides: if enough of us switch our spending habits like this, and create the demand, that does force the production of more non-toxic alternative products.

It is absolutely insane that our government does not stop industry from polluting the earth. It really scares me to think that our waters are getting poisoned every day more and more.

I think it is getting worse with the develop of industry, and we have no idea about what will happen tomorrow, maybe all we can do is expect the technology of science...