When does the U.S. Health Care Law take effect?

Several provisions of the new health care law have already gone into effect and more take effect each year through 2014 and beyond. January 1, 2011 is the next key date when more provisions take effect.

Kaiser Family Foundation’s new interactive Implementation Timeline allows you to see by year, when provisions take effect and allows you to filter your selection by topic area (such as financing/taxes or Medicare).  View the timeline at  http://healthreform.kff.org/timeline.aspx


Well only a couple more days now till election time. The health care bill will either become in play or not depending on the outcome of the November 2nd election. If you are for the new bill you better get out and vote. Once the house changes control the bill will face the fight to be overturned.

When does the U.S. Health Care Law take effect? In 2011 Medicare beneficiaries will be able to get a free annual wellness visit and personalized prevention plan service. New health plans will be required to cover preventive services with little or no cost to patients. In 2012 Medicare physician payment reforms to enhance primary care services and encourage doctors to form accountable care organizations to improve quality and efficiency of care.

I do not support the bill, I think its a bad idea overall...just my opinion

I for one am all for the new healthcare bill, I only wish it would have went even further, I don't think there should be private insurance companies. My fear with the current plan is that it relies on congress to appropriate money and with the likely change of power towards republicans I fear the funds won't be there.

I agree with kitty about the money not being there when needed. I hope we are able to get things together so this can be a successful transition. I like the fact that many people who can't get coverage will have more access to the health care they need. <a href="http://www.treeoflife-acupuncture.com/" rel="nofollow">Seattle Fertility Acupuncture</a>

This is a great step towards the success for our nation. I do hope that the health bill have more coverage to be able to assist more people. Much like what they have in Canada. Thanks for the informative post. More Power!

Thanks for sharing the blog. I was looking so hard for an article like this.. It provide us so much info.. thanks!

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