The cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer's Disease (AD) may be related to the particular pathology of this disease which researchers continue to study.  One study at Stanford suggests that if you slow the pathology (biologic)  progression it could slow the path to full dementia.   In other words, if you stay healthier, you may slow the biological process that causes the progression of dementia.  Some suggested tactics:

  • Improve brain health by reducing cardiovascular risks caused by hypertension, diabetes, smoking, and high cholesterol
  • Enhance cognitive reserve through mental stimulation (working, leisure activities and social engagement)
  • Reduce the burden of AD pathology with regular aerobic exercise.

While we haven't found a "cure" for AD yet, it makes sense to try whatever possible to "slow" its devastating effects.   All of these activities have many health benefits, so why not??? Source:  Henderson VW.  Climacteric 2013:17(suppl 2) 38-46.