Though the risk of gout is low in women, a new study reported in JAMA found that increasing intake of sugar-sweetened soda was associated with an increasing risk of gout.   Women who consumed 1 serving per day (compared to women who had less than 1 serving per month) had a a 74% increased risk of gout.   Women who consumed 2 or more servings had a 2.4 times higher risk.    The same result was not found in women drinking diet soft drinks. However, a single serving of orange juice per day also demonstrated an increased risk.

Fructose rich drinks increase serum uric acid levels, a trigger for gout, though the prospective data on the relationship are limited.

The researchers analyzed 78,906 women with no history of gout from the U.S. Nurses' Health Study.  They identified newly diagnosed cases of gout in 778 of the women.

Gout is a painful inflammatory type of arthritis.   5% of arthritis cases are gout.   In the U.S. 8.5/1000 people have had gout.   Gout affects men more than women.



More and More research is coming out that cola and other high sweetened drinks do cause gout flare ups.

Gout is such an extremely painful disease that any study showing the increased risk should not be taken lightly. Women having experienced gout symptoms should be quick to follow the advice of this article and avoid sugar-sweetened soft drinks.

An interesting and useful result, but probably most people are not aware of these risks. Maybe the producers should be requested to add some information on the products labels as it is already done by cigarette producers.

One more disease to be linked with high sugar consumption, I think the governments of the world really need to wake up to this fact and to take action. People are literally dying from this.

Nice post, I would like to add instead of drinking soda plenty of water can help lower or eliminate uric acid from the body by way of the urinary track. As a general rule of thumb the average adult should drink at least eight ounces of water eight times a day.

Sugar is definitely a no-no when it comes to gout. It mostly comes down to adopting a lifestyle that decreases purine intake which decreases uric acid levels in the body. I agree with an earlier commentor who advised that water is preferable to soft drinks.

It seemed to me that women are getting more stressful today due to many faces women need to represent! Stress + not eating the right food can be part of the root causes of Gout.

Frozen fruits for drinks can work as well when lowering sugar. If you’re going to use juices make sure you find one that is all natural juice and not full of sugar.