President Obama's speech on economy delivered today at Northwestern University emphasized the support of women as one tactic to improve our economy. President Obama stated, "Let's inspire and support more women in growing fields of science, technology, engineering, and math." Women are still underrepresented in certain STEM fields and medical disciplines. Furthermore, despite women outpacing men with undergraduate and graduate diplomas, they are still entering the workforce with lower salaries than men. Obama stated that ensure women's equal pay will not only help women, but "it'll give their families and the entire economy a boost."

Obama's speech emphasized strengthening our economy though multiple outlets, including healthcare, education, energy and technology. The President's comments on equal pay for women and support of women in male-dominated fields was met with applause. As Obama stated, it's time to "catch up to 2014" and start giving women equal support to succeed and advance.

Read President Obama's full speech here: The Wall Street Journal


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