A new slow-release formulation of peppermint 0il has been shown to reduce the severe abdominal symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome  (IBS) according to a study researchers  at the U of Alabama.  Peppermint has been used to relieve  stomach problems for generations but this is a new look at an old remedy.    The main component of peppermint oil is  L-menthol which has properties that help with intestinal bloating, cramping, and infections.  Until recently, the main source has been typically over-the-counter capsules or gel caps but the dosing has not been well regulated.    Too much of the oil at the beginning of the GI tract can lead to heartburn and dyspepsia.   Too much release at the end of the track can lead to lower bowel symptoms.

According to the researchers, IBgard is a new ultra pure formulation of peppermint oil with a unique delivery system that gets the product out of the stomach quickly  and into the small intestine where it will have its primary effect.  IBS symptoms can be severe and include adominable pain, bloating, constipation and flatulence.

The new slow release formula will be on the market soon, but as with every herbal related product, users should check with their health care provider before taking it.



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