The Oncofertility Saturday Academy (OSA) program model, developed at Northwestern University's Institute for Women's Health Research, is designed to prepare and inspire high school girls to become the next generation of women leaders in science and medicine.  The program model has been replicated and implemented at multiple sites across the nation, including San Diego and Portland.  The success of the OSA program model is dependent on the active involvement of high school science teachers.  The role of the science teacher in OSA is to support and guide the high school girls as they learn advance science and health concepts and apply their knowledge to hands-on laboratory and clinical activities.  OSA learning modules are delivered directly by scientists and clinicians working in the fields of reproductive sciences, cancer biology and oncofertility.

Ericka Senegar-Mitchell, PhD, is the lead high school science teacher with OSA San Diego.

The OSA network is proud to announce the recent awards presented to Ericka Senegar-Mitchell.  Ericka is the lead high school science teacher involved with the OSA San Diego site.  This school year Ericka has receive two prestigious awards, including the Teacher of the Year from Serra High where she is teaches biology and biotechnology.  On top of that, last month she won the California State Teacher of the Year.  Ericka will continue to be recognized, as she is being nominated for the San Diego County Teacher of the Year and the California State Teacher of the Year. OSA San Diego is offered to high school students through a partnership between the University of California at San Diego and BeWise (Better Education for Women in Science and Engineering).

Ericka is a dedicated science educator who is changing the lives of her students inside and outside of the classroom.  Ericka’s depth of knowledge and experience working directly with high school students on a daily basis has strengthen the OSA network.  As the OSA network continues to expand nationally, and one day globally, we will strive to identify high school teachers who are as passionate and innovative as Ericka Senegar-Mitchell.


This women is a great inspiration for us, her students. Also when we are bored a little she just smiles and brightens up the room.