Kindara (a fertility app) is a startup that not only helps women track ovulation cycles and fertility, but has also raised $5.3 million in seed funding towards women's health. Kindara was launched in 2012 "as a fertility-tracking app that would prompt women to enter signs like basal temperature and cervical fluid measurements to determine when they're ovulationg," but earlier this year, the company began expanding. Kindara founder Will Sacks said "the healthcare system is ill-equipped to give women good results about how their bodies work, because it doesn't really give them any data," and that is what Kindara is attempting to fix.

Kindara allows women to enter information regarding everything from their temperature and hormone levels to diet and exercise. Over time, the app helps women see correlations between these factors and their fertility. Graphically representing one's health information may help women visualize the ways hormones work within the body. Involving women in analyzing these different variables at play can help them connect their reproductive health to their holistic health. Similarly, Dr. Teresa Woodruff of the Women's Health Research Institute is launching a free online course on September 1st called Introduction to Reproduction where students of any age can learn the biological nuances of reproductive health that impact their daily lives. Hopefully, by effectively utilizing technology we can start to change the landscape of women's health and better educate the intricacies of this field.

Source: Techcrunch

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