Due to the blizzard expected in Chicago today,  Hot Flash Havoc ---a film of menopausal proportions, will be rescheduled at Northwestern University and be shown on Thursday night, February 3.    The award winning film will be followed by a panel of experts from Northwestern who will be available to answer all your questions about menopause.     To register for the event, click HERE and go to  ' buy tickets'  $25 includes the film, parking, panel discussion and red boa reception!



Men often get a bad rap for misunderstanding menopause, for being unsympathetic or downright rude and demanding.Yes, sometimes our hormones are playing with us, egging us on to behave in a certain way, but do you not think men have the same problem? EDITOR's NOTE: Check out our blog on male menopause! http://blog.womenshealth.northwestern.edu/2010/08/male-menopause/