Cyberbullying happens when one uses online communication to harrass, post disparaging remarks, or threaten someone via the Internet or by texting.    Because it reaches an unlimited audience (unlike face-to-face bullying)  its consequences can be extreme.  Cyberbullying is particularly rampant among adolescents---95% of whom are connected to the Internet.    A new publication in Adolescent Health, Medicine and Therapeutics explores the literature on cyberbullying and suggests that it has become an international public health concern especially for teens.   While there is little about sex differences in current publications, the author, Charissse Nixon, recommends that  future studies on this topic take a closer look at how it might be different in girls and boys.



Cyber bullying is so much worse than face to face bullying because of the wider audience in such a short period of time. Although people are affected is so many different ways, it is nonetheless becoming a huge problem especially for teenagers who are easily affected.

I have owned and ran a chat room for 7 years now. I have seen and delt with cyber bully trolls more times than I can count. It appears to me that these bullies tend to be fueled by reaction to the actions. If a person reacts to the person doing the trolling the situation just gets worse. Ironically the victims tend to return for more abuse and refuse to use their "block" feature. The block feature not only stops all the chat from that individual but it also removes their name from he chat room user list. It never ceases to amaze me that they would rather continue to be bullied versus using that feature and stopping it. However once I see a continuous cycle I ultimately ban the trolls from the chat room for good.

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Parents need to provide preventive measures to their teenagers, limiting and often checking their activity on the internet.

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