Most people assume seasonal allergies are prevalent during the spring months, when pollen counts are high. While these types of allergies are a serious concern for many women that have them, women have unique challenges when it comes to allergies that men may not face.

It may take some work on your part, but once you understand the common allergens that affect most women, it is entirely possible to avoid the symptoms that these allergies cause.


Whether you wear makeup every single day or just for special occasions, there’s a chance that you could have (or may have already) an allergic reaction as a result of a product you’re currently using. While not all women are allergic to the same products, there may be an ingredient in a particular product you use regularly that could cause irritation.

Eye makeup is particularly problematic for many women; if redness, itching or watering eyes is a common experience for you, consider switching to a different water-based brand to combat the problem.

Base makeup, such as a primer, foundation or blush, can also cause skin allergies. Trying a different brand, particularly a mineral-based product, can help, but it’s not guaranteed to solve the problem. If switching to a new product doesn’t reduce your allergy symptoms, you may need to rely solely on makeup that is hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic and  are less likely to cause allergic reactions or skin breakouts.

Removing your makeup before bed and going extended periods of time of not applying makeup can also be helpful. One of the best things you can do for your skin is to just let it breathe.

Nasal Allergies

Pollen and pet dander are the most common causes of nasal allergies, but many women are mildly allergic to the perfume or body spray that they use on a regular basis. If you find yourself sneezing regularly or unable to breathe clearly, consider switching scents.  Making this slight change to your beauty routine could be beneficial to your health.

However, finding a different fragrance may not completely help your nasal allergies, especially if you also have a mild pollen or dander allergy. To relieve these symptoms, one of the best options you have is a vaporizer that you can use during the day, when you’re home and at night when you’re sleeping. Vaporizers work by converting water into a warm mist that’s released into the air, clearing many of the symptoms of nasal allergies. Vaporizers are also quite cost-effective, and there’s even some evidence that these devices may be beneficial for your overall skin health when used regularly.


Pregnancy can also bring on allergies in many women, even if they didn’t have them before. The most common allergies pregnant women experience are those related to pet dander, dust, pollen and fungus, but allergies to makeup and scents (that were so minimal they weren’t noticed before) may become apparent and bothersome.

Avoiding makeup or switching products is ideal, and using a vaporizer to deal with nasal allergies can be helpful as well.

Marcela De Vivo is freelance writer from Southern California and the founder of Gryffin Media. Her writing covers a range of health topics, including tips for healthy eating, personal fitness, skin care and holistic medicine.