In a bold announcement today, Apple and Facebook now will offer health coverage for their women employees to freeze their eggs. Egg freezing may enable women to protect and preserve their fertility—and with the steep price of $10,000+, this coverage may be seen as a significant investment in family planning, while others may see this as concerning. Climbing the corporate ladder while raising a family can be a significant barrier for many women and the health coverage to freeze one’s eggs can provide women with the choice and freedom to devote time to work and to one’s family. However, some argue this potentially pushing women to focus on their careers as primary and family as secondary.

Egg-freezing has reportedly doubled over the past year as women continue to seek this as a solution to longer fertility years. Indeed, the option to freeze one’s eggs has spurred feelings of empowerment in women, Emma Rosenblum even writing, “Not since the birth control pill has a medical technology had such potential to change family and career planning.” Women often report barriers surrounding a seeming choice between work or family. The action of Apple and Facebook is intended to alleviate some stress surrounding career and family planning, while empowering women with the more choices and control in life. While positive in their intentions, some may read Apple's and Facebook's new announcement as potentially implying that women should focus on their careers first and family planning second. Whatever the implications, this is certainly an game-changing announcement.

Source: NBC News