Menopause and its treatment just got a lot less confusing with the launch of a new website.  Visit . This easy-to-use site developed by the WHRI gives women a personalized approach to assess their overall health and manage their menopause symptoms.   It includes a self-assessment you can take on-line, print out, and discuss with your medical provider.   The site includes the latest research on different therapies to address menopausal symptoms.

This new website includes:

  • An overview of menopause, including its stages and symptoms
  • An understanding of how hormone depletion after menopause affects the body and mind
  • The benefits and risks of current drug and non-drug therapies
  • A wide range of ways to manage menopausal symptoms
  • A self-assessment tool that women can complete on-line, email or print out, and discuss with their health provider.
  • Latest news related to menopause